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Welcome to this micro bikini lovers website.
The website of micro, sheer, extreme bikinis.

Micro Bikini
micro bikini, sheer bikini, extreme bikini

This site is started to gather all the webshops of micro, sheer, extreme bikinis.
One place, linking to all webshops, the big ones, but also the small websites.
When you say micro bikini, you also say sheer (see through (when wet)) and extreme bikinis.
Also Brazilian bikinis are small enough to be listed here.
But why only gathering all the selling points, why not making it a community (still under.

A community where you can share your experiences, where you can meet others.
Reveal your photo shoot locations or whatever you want to share.
We’re building this community and hope to have it online soon.

This site is just founded and still in development, but feedback and ideas are always appreciated.

Here you can find all the webshops, categorized by continent.

Some webshops even have separate sites for contributors, which you can find here.
Contributor sites are mostly paid websites where girls can upload foto’s with micro bikinis and can be viewed by the micro bikini lovers.


Micro Bikini

Micro bikini is a bathing or bikini suit, smaller than normal, just covering tiny parts of the body.

Mostly a thong as bikini bottom and a small minimal coverage bikini top


Sheer Bikini (See through / See thru)

A swimsuit of which the fabric is see through (see thru), or see through when wet.

Still covering minimal parts of the body, but showing even more, especially when wet.


Extreme bikini

A extreme bikini is even smaller than a micro, not covering anything anymore.

Some times only straps or just leave the parts to cover uncovered.

Just for the real exhibitionists and dare devils.


Feedback and ideas can be posted in the contact form.

Please come back soon and make this work.

The Micro-Bikini team!


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