Divissima is the flagship company of Italian business, a company that since the beginning believes and stands for original Made in Italy, expanding year after year its range of products in order to satisfy the demand of its continuous growing customers.

The core business of the company Divissima is undoubtedly its Mini Bikini and Bikini line, extended with the most characteristic products which are: thong, string, Brazilian, g-string, shorts, skirt, sarongs, pants, triangle top, bandeau top, push up top, padded triangle and bandeau tops created in a range of unique colours and different models, designed specifically to enhance the female body, all fabrics Made in Italy of high quality.

Furthermore there are beautiful sensual underwear lines, extended with: mini string, panties, knickers, leggings, push up bras, nude effect bras, lace tank tops, tight-fitting clothes and body suits. The jeans collection consists of just a few, but very trendy clothing such as vests, mini skirts, shorts and hot pants. Divissima completes its wide range with a super fashionable, innovative, dynamic, comfortable and very colorful sports collection for the gym: sport bras with or without padding, a comfortable tank top, a stylish tennis set consisting of a tank top and miniskirt and pants in three different sizes, long, medium and short.

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