Donna Flor

Donna Flor is established in July 2002, the brand was created to follow the change of women’s behavior.

In this timeline we has qualified our channels of distributions and it has innovated its position in international market. We are strongly structured to conquer new markets, focused in the concept of the brand who reflects exactly the sensuality of a modern woman.

We have exported to more than 30 countries, but that isn’t enough! Donna Flor is a registered trademark of Alcor Brands, Inc.

The Donna Flor Product

Quality, comfort and innovation.

These three words guides our design and style, as well as the production scale of Donna Flor. Our company always values its high choice of materials and fabrics and perfection in its designs and finishing. It respect its suppliers and employees. In the last years, a new more liberated and uninhibited woman came to the market with a new esthetic profile and behavior pattern. Women are becaming younger, free fashioned and pretty, but they were wearing brightless and unfashioned clothes.

Donna Flor started to make a very sexy clothes. Our product is made for women who want to be sexy, sensual and who searches innovation, exclusive designs and fit for movement.


One Voice. One Vision.
We are successful only when we satisfy and we exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and shareholders.
We have passion for the excellency and we offer to the highest standards of integrity and seriousness.
We celebrate the diversity of people, ideas and culture.
We honor the value and the dignity of individuals.
We improve the communities where we work and we protect the environment.
We look to the knowledge and the growth through the learning.
We share a sense of responsibility and examples of creativity, enthusiasm, loyalty and also we make the possible to have fun.

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