Look Swimwear

Look Swimwear Ltd. designs, manufactures and sells bikinis for women looking for a better bikini.
Founded out of one women’s desire for a style driven sexy bikini, Look Swimwear has now become one of the fastest growing micro bikini and thong companies in North and South America!

About Look Swimwear

All of our bikinis are custom made in our manufacturing facilities in Brazil and designed by our all female swimwear design team. The Look Swimwear designers make our bikinis come alive and are always on the hunt for the leading edge in swimwear fashion.

Our proposition of bringing you a better bikini is one that we take very seriously. All of our bikinis are made with the finest quality Brazilian and Italian lycras and sewn with care by our teams of highly skilled seamstresses. It is our attention to detail, from design to delivery that sets Look Swimwear apart from the rest. We pride ourselves on being meticulous with the little things and know that you will see the Look Swimwear difference if you decide to purchase one of our bikinis.

If you have always wanted a better, smaller and sexier bikini then look no further.

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