West Coast Bikinis

West Coast Bikini (WCB) was opened in April of 2004 when the bikinis that my wife like to wear became too expensive to purchase, seriously $40.00 for just a small top in 2004? We started our own line of swimwear, a whole 6 different styles and 6 colors. We imported our bikinis from a friends factory in Brazil and a reseller in Canada, they made our designs and we purchased a couple of theirs.

The store kind of languished for several years after the passing of my wife from cancer and I considered just closing shop but we had both put so much work into it I could let go, again…. Besides, the shop was a lot of fun and we met a lot of great customers and models and some became good friends. We also had a couple contributing photographers that are just awesome!

A few months after I remarried I was discussing options of what to do with it with my new wife, Susan who was already a professional designer and manufacturer of vintage clothing Fine Fashion Maker.com. We decided to give the store a facelift and bring everything in-house with our own designs and manufacturing. We opted to invest the money necessary to get re-started and to give it a 2 year run and then reevaluate its feasibility

At the end of 2 years we enjoyed what we were doing and the success of the store so we are still running but now we have over , 22 colors, 10 prints and 90+ styles with too many options to list. Everything is done in-house, we both design the styles, she makes them and I handle website, photography, book keeping, shipping, trash removal, cooking, etc… When I say everything is done in-house, I am very serious since the re-launch of WCB the company has taken over the parlor, gym & 3 car garage at our home.

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